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A bridge towards a new world

About meditation is necessary to be very careful linking the meaning.

Every word has an association of ideas and emotions. It is extremely difficult to find a word in any language of the world which is not loaded with associations.

The word "meditation" has an infinite variety of associations. I am not going to use it as derived from the verb "to meditate about", "to meditate upon".

Generally speaking to meditate implies a mental activity or a cerebral activity, in which there is a subject and object relationship. I, an individual, contemplate about, meditate upon, some object, some point pre-determined by me, or by someone else for me.

In that sense to meditate would be to focus one's attention exclusively on a pre-determined point for a given time, and it would involve conscious effort to sustain attention, to focus attention on that point.

So people are apt to believe that meditation is a mental activity of focussing the whole attention on some point.

Paolo Facchini

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